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This website is to provide some information about The Treehouse. This site is read only at this time.
Welcome everyone
First let me say a few words about The Treehouse.  My wish for the guild is to make it a friendly place for people to meet and have a little fun. The Treehouse is a level 25 guild, 7 tabs, armor repair, and all the standard perks. We have all the BoA perks as well.   If you are looking for a place to hangout then we will welcome you.
        So your older, have kids, a job, a real life?  Lol thats okay.  I work part time myself with a goofy shift and have a baby in my house.  So I understand.  I dont care about gearscores, item levels or type of play.  You will never have to feel obligated about anything in this guild.  You are here to have fun !  Its just a game.

          There are only a few active members.  I'm looking for the type of people who are actively playing warcraft but maybe they dont want to be in a specialty guild such as a raiding or pvp guild.  Here you will be allowed to play how you want.  I'm not saying the guild can't have a raid team or any other specialty group, simply put, we do not have enough regular players at this time. The current type of play is more about questing, running dailies, and gathering materials.  If you happen to be looking for a hardcore Raid or PVP guild then most likely we are not the guild for you.  

        Feel like chatting it up in guild chat? Go right ahead. You are more of a private player and just like to leave your chat as hello/goodbye?  That is also okay with us.  Take the perks and enjoy the privacy if you wish.  I only have one rule for everyone in the guild. Respect for other members.  Repeated disrespectful activity, attitude or chat will get you removed from the guild. As the GM, I reserve the right to be the ONLY one with authority to remove a member.  Always bekind to others.
        A word about me. I started back with Burning Crusades Edition and about 8 months prior to the relase of WOLK. I was an addictied player,lol. Am I an expert of the game? No.  But I can be helpful. I have several toons in this guild. Lots of the professions are covered.  I'am here to help out but I will not just give you gold. Need some help gathering materials for your proffesion? We will help.  
        Your Guild Master Flinger and CO-GM Mixx are running daily quest and goofing off most of the time. We are happy to stop with whatever we are upto and come visit with you. 

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